Expected Outcome

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The expected outcome from treatment I wish for clients to be able to understand the fundamentals of all the different facets in recovery including the 12 Steps, the 12 Traditions of AA and the AA principles found throughout the book Alcoholics Anonymous. They will have been able to work with therapists in individual sessions on personal mental health issues, as well as family issues. Also, to have a local sponsor in AA and have a home group in AA and attending their home group on a very regular basis.

Clients will be able to be on their way to focusing on others instead of placing their focus on themselves and become responsible members of society. They will learn the tools they need to become responsible members of their community and their families.

Need for Treatment

There is a lack of facilities that offer solid treatment between Kaysville and Salt Lake City. We are looking to fill that void, and provide treatment for people in that area that prefer to stay in the Bountiful and Centerville area. I live in Bountiful, so I love to support the local community.

There never really has been a good outpatient or day treatment program in the Centerville and Bountiful that is for adult men and women. We will provide those people living in the South Davis area with the needed therapy that is missing in the area.

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Marketing Penetration

There is a large number of high functioning men and women in the South Davis area that have addiction issues that are in need of treatment but do not need inpatient treatment. They are able to work a normal work week and still receive the treatment and supervision necessary for them to move past their addiction.

We are looking to help the business professionals in our community. The doctors, lawyers, CPAs, and small business owners that are too busy in their professional lives to go to inpatient treatment.

Keys to Succes

We are going to help people associate themselves with new ways to get the same rush they got when they were using drugs and alcohol, by introducing them to new activities that they may or may not have done before like horseback riding, golf, rock climbing, and a number of other activities. Instead of sitting in a classroom 3 nights a week and listening to somebody teach them in the same setting for months, we will be taking clients out of the office setting into nature and give them the same lessons while tying in the activities to the lesson. This will hopefully resonate more fully with the clients and they will be able to experience recovery and hopefully grasp the concepts easier because they are actually doing something while learning them.

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We will introduce clients to the 12 steps, and teach them about the fundamentals of recovery.  We will help clients find somebody to sponsor them and that person will help them get more in touch with the local recovery community.

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