General Outpatient Treatment

General Outpatient Services

man talking in group therapy for addiction
Active Recovery is dedicated to offering services revolving around healing from substance use and other mental health disorders, including its effect on individuals, families and communities.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling services are available to individuals struggling with mental health issues that do not quite fit the criteria for a higher level of care such as an intensive outpatient program or day treatment.

man talking to counselor
family talking during family therapy session

Couples and Family Counseling

Counseling services are available for couples and families who need support in maneuvering their dynamics towards a healthier, more effective relationship

Community Classes and Support Groups

Active Recovery will provide, or be hosting, community classes and support groups throughout the year as a service to the community for additional support in battling the mental health crises our country is experiencing.
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Court Ordered Drug & Alcohol Assessments

If you have been court ordered to have a drug and alcohol assessment, Active Recovery has members of its clinical team that have experience with these assessments. Please contact Active Recovery for pricing.
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