Alcohol Rehab & Treatment​

Although alcohol use disorders affect more than 15 million Americans, less than 7% of those affected ever seek alcohol rehab or other forms of treatment.

woman talking in group therapy for addiction

Binge drinking has increased sharply over the past decade, along with drinking patterns that lead to addiction. Almost 100,000 alcohol-related deaths occur every year in the U.S. Millions more see their families, their careers and their lives destroyed.

Active Recovery an intensive outpatient treatment center serving clients in Centerville and throughout northern Utah. We are committed to assisting individuals recover from alcohol abuse and addiction by integrating experiential activities with time-tested principles of recovery. Our goal is to provide the tools and experiences that will ensure your success. Our programs focus on the fundamentals of recovery, supported by innovative, researched-based modalities to create a unique approach to sobriety.

Alcohol recovery is possible and, with the right program and compassionate people to support you, it doesn’t have to be painful, expensive or time-consuming.

Outpatient Alcoholism Treatment Solutions in Centerville, Utah

As alcohol use disorders become more pervasive in the U.S., scientific research supports going beyond traditional 12-step programs to help individuals with alcohol use disorders succeed.

Our programs rely on a combination of techniques that allow us to provide a more holistic experience, without the need for inpatient rehab. Not everyone needs – nor can they necessarily afford – an intensive, inpatient rehab experience.

Instead, our programs take you out of the classroom and office setting and immerse you in real-world experiences in nature. We follow the essential principles of traditional 12-step programs but go beyond these basic tenets to provide a richer, more intense type of rehab.

man talking in group therapy for addiction

An Active Approach to Alcohol Rehabilitation

woman talking in group therapy for addiction

At Active Recovery, we understand how challenging it can be to admit to yourself and others that you may have a problem with alcohol. We also know how easy it can be to slide back into the comfortable yet destructive patterns that have defined your recent past.

We will introduce you to mentors and sponsors within the community, providing you with a critical layer of support. We will provide you with the knowledge and support you need to overcome your addiction and give you the tools and techniques you need to achieve long-term success.

Our alcohol recovery programs are designed to deal with the unique challenges of addiction and substance abuse in today’s world. By combining the underlying tenets of the 12-step approach used by Alcoholics Anonymous with the principles of experiential therapy, we help you gain critical insight into your unique circumstances.

This ensures that we identify the underlying causes of your alcohol abuse, rather than simply addressing the symptoms. We provide critical support that other programs lack, rather than asking you to rely on willpower alone to ensure your recovery.

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol abuse, alcoholism or an alcohol-related problem, you don’t have to fight this battle alone. We assist clients over the age of 18 in and around Centerville, Utah. Contact Active Recovery today to learn more about how we can help you find the way out through our comprehensive outpatient alcohol rehab programs.

woman talking in group therapy for addiction
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